Disney Princess Girls' 12" Bike with Doll Carrier by Huffy

Disney Princess Girls' 12" Bike with Doll Carrier by Huffy

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Enhance playtime fun with the Disney Princess 12" Girls' EZ-Build Pink Bike. It's quick and easy to assemble and comes together in just four easy steps. Simply insert the training wheels . insert the handlebar and fork . fold down the pedals and insert the seat. Put on the finishing touches by connecting the carrier. Then . it's ready for your child to enjoy riding around the neighborhood. This 12" Disney princess bike with doll carrier flaunts sparkling pink and silver streamers with heart-shaped connectors. The grips and tires are embedded with a pretty heart pattern. This Huffy girls' bike has a translucent chain guard and light pink frame that's decorated with fan-favorite Disney princesses Ariel . Jasmine and Cinderella. It also includes wide training wheels and an easy-to-use coaster brake.

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